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Thread: Demoting a Domain Controller with DNS / DHCP installed

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    Demoting a Domain Controller with DNS / DHCP installed

    The environment that we are using has 10 domain controllers in 1 domain, which are spread across the country. Every DC has DNS and DHCP installed. I am demoting a Domain Controller, so I wanted to know if I have to remove DNS DHCP before demoting or not? I tried demoting already, with dns/dhcp still installed, but I was getting the below error:

    "The operation failed because: Failed to configure the service NETLOGON as requested - The wait operation time out"

    What is this error related to? Any ideas

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    RE: Demoting a Domain Controller with DNS / DHCP installed

    Have you checked if clients using this DC for DNS name resolution? If so, then it will need to be updated to use another DNS server. Also, check if the DNS servers are performing zone transfers from this DNS server, if yes, then they will need to be altered. Ensure that clients are directed to the server for DHCP services through router and switches, if they havent yet?

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    RE: Demoting a Domain Controller with DNS / DHCP installed

    I dont think demoting this server will take care about dns or dhcp. If the dns is AD integrated then you will lose the dns services for this server, on the client side, so ensure you are pointing to another dns server. You can also run some diagnostics against your AD by going to and then choose the download links and then click on DCDiag and NetDiag link.

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    To demote the DC make sure you go into users and computers on the DC you want to demote and right click the domain. Select 'Connect to Domain Controller' and select the DC you want to demote. In other words ensure the DC you want to demote is what you are connecting to when using AD users and computer.


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