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Thread: Cannot force user to change password in Windows Server

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    Cannot force user to change password in Windows Server

    I need some help here. I had configured a password expiring policy but it is not working. The user is not getting any prompt for the same. I want to force user to change the password after a specific period. I am using a article on the web that showed me the process of doing the same. I applied it and it looks to be proper. But still it is not working. Can anyone help me in fixing the problem.

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    Looks like some problem with the settings. Due to which it is not applied properly and you are getting the problem. Try to reconfigure it back again. You can go in event viewer to find out any pending error if remained. This can be due to that also. Try to ensure that you had clicked on appropriate check boxes so that password expire policy works.

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    It looks pwdLastSet attribute is not getting updated properly due to which you are prompted for the same. You will find some bugs on the same in event viewer. There are error log as mentioned above. Basically it never happen. Once the policy is applied you can simply see the expiration notice on the screen. But still if you are unable to see try to test it on some other accounts.

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