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Thread: Force User Logoff from windows server

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    Force User Logoff from windows server

    What settings are required to enable force user log off on windows Server. I want to configure some kind of settings that can allow auto log off. And on the basis of a time frame. After a time period the system must be locked so that unwanted people cannot access the system. Where can I find the settings for the same. I hope this is not a complicated procedure at all.

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    You can do the same by configuring the settings of logon time and I am sure it will work well. For that you have use the following. Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options > Network Security. In that check for Force logoff when logon hours expire. Add the time frame you want and then simply enable the settings. This one is the easiest way I think.

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    If that does not work then you can simply manage the same through Windows Registry. For that you will need to modify the value of following location : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Once it is done apply the settings and then move ahead. I am sure it will work properly.

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    Re: Force User Logoff from windows server

    If any user is accessing Network Share on the server then it is a network logon and if user logs on to server locally via RDP or TS then it is called as an inteactive logon. The policy usually disconnects the client logon sessions with the SMB server, so it only affects the network logon. You can get more information about the logon type from the below link:

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    Re: Force User Logoff from windows server

    Actually the policy belongs to computer policiess and you have to run GPRESULT/Z using your built-in administrator account. After that we can check out whether the policy was applied to the pc or not. If you are not getting any error messages in event logs so I will recommend you to add a new computer account to the domain and make a new GPO with the Force Logoff policy configured.

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