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Thread: Adding XP computer to Domain - access denied

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    Adding XP computer to Domain - access denied

    I am using a Windows client which is connected to Windows 2003 server. Both are in reach of each other. I can simply ping and get response from each of them. But somehow there is a problem I started facing. I want some help here to add the client pc to domain. When I try to connect I am getting a error that fail to jon the machine. I am unable to find information on the same. The firewall is turned off and I also checked in my system. I am sure that no security application is causing issue here.

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    RE: Adding XP computer to Domain - access denied

    The problem lies with communication between both. Your client system is unable to establish a connection to the server due to which you are getting that failure. But it is weird that ping is working. So there is some service which is blocked. It is not allowed to communicate properly. You must try a appropriate user login for the same and then check back. Whether stuff is working fine or not.

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    Just ensure that in your NIC your XP client has dns information. If DNS is not listed then you face this kind of issue. You must simply ping back and see that the connectivity lies stable or not. I think the issue will be resolved if you simply configure the NIC properly. Then retry to join the client to domain and try back.

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