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Thread: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

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    installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    I am looking for installing the .NET 2.0 across the network that we are using. So, I was thinking that this can be easily done through our WSUS server but to my realization I am only able to find updates for it and not the actual application. I have already looked on the microsoft website but I am not able to find the download. Can anyone tell me whether this can be only installed by the Group Policy or something similar? Thanks for any help

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    Re: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    You can easily try to install .NET Framework 2.0 Group Policy. First of all you need to download dotnetfx.exe from the microsoft website. After that you have to run the below command from the CMD to make an administrative install:
    dotnetfx.exe /c:"install.exe /a

    After that extract the files to a directory and for that I would suggest a DFS share. Now you need to create a transform which will set the ADDEPLOY property = 1. After that you can use the aforementioned transform file and you will all be set.

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    Re: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    I think that you will be able to install it with WSUS as well, one of my friend also did that way. For that you only need to check the WSUS settings to see what options you have choosen to download. My friend actually came to know about that before where Service Packs were not choosen and the client was not able to get Service Packs to download or approve. Hopefully this will help you out in this case.

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    Re: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    The following example steps can be used to create a Group Policy object to deploy the .NET Framework 2.0 in a network:
    1. Click on the Start menu, choose Run and type cmd
    2. Create an administrative install point for the .NET Framework 2.0 by running dotnetfx.exe /c:"install.exe /a" and stepping through the wizard UI
    3. Add the netfx.msi that is created in the administrative install point created above to the Group Policy object. The path to netfx.msi must be located on a share that is accessible from all computers where it will be deployed to, not on a local path (example - \\server\share\netfx20\netfx.msi not C:\netfx20\netfx.msi)


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