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Thread: Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy

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    Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy


    I running into a problem sycing AD users ad userproxys in ADAM. I can successfuly add the users as user in ADAM but nout user proxys. The soure users are in the same domain that adam resides in so I don't believe its a SID isssue

    Here is the error
    Processing Entry: Page 3, Frame 1, Entry 27, Count 1, USN 0

    Processing source entry <guid=1662c262e19a0d459282c82da7a4b435>

    Processing in-scope entry 1662c262e19a0d459282c82da7a4b435.

    Adding target object CN=kevin korb,OU=ABC,OU=Customers,DC=ccm,DC=com.

    Adding attributes: sourceobjectguid, sn, givenName, instanceType, objectSid, sAMAccountName, userPrincipalName, lastagedchange, objectclass,

    Ldap error occured. ldap_add_sW: Unwilling To Perform.

    Extended Info: 000020E7: SvcErr: DSID-03152DB9, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 8358

    Ldap error occured. ldap_add_sW: Unwilling To Perform.

    Extended Info: 000020E7: SvcErr: DSID-03152DB9, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 8358



    ************ A fatal error occured in the program while processing entry

    ************ <GUID=1662c262e19a0d459282c82da7a4b435>.

    ************ The error will be ignored at user request. Continuing...



    any ideas ?

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    Re: Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy

    It is much easier for you if you just used the Active Directory Membership Provider and had the MOSS server contact AD directly via LDAP. Is the issue that you don't have the ability to allow LDAP traffic from the MOSS server to AD? You don't need to be domain joined to make this work. If you still want to use ADAM as an intermediary between between AD and MOSS, you'll need to run ADAM on a separate domain joined machine.

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    Re: Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy

    You can go ahead with the below link that has more detailed information on your issue. This link has everything about ADAMSync. It first properly explain about the service and later on it gives more comprehensive details about configuring the same. So you can checkout the link first and later test out the sync part. Your issue looks complicated to me. Adding any solution here is not going to help much. It is better you go ahead with checking out with different type of article which properly explain about the service.

    ADAMSync 101

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    Re: Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy

    For sync just once check out the target partition. See that if this exist on target ADAM or not. If it not then you might keep on getting the sync problem. For other system issue you have to checkout target-object-class. There are very few articles available on this service. I am actually looking for a full troubleshooting guide for this thing. I had seen some article which mostly explains how it works, but says nothing about the issues is with it.

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