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Thread: Domain user account with no password

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    Domain user account with no password

    I recently took over administration of Active Directory/Group Policy. We have a domain policy in place with password complexity enabled. However, I have a domain user that is able to logon to any computer on the network with no password.

    I have searched every policy setting, script ect... but I cannot find anyting attached to this users that would allow this. Has anyone dealt with this before?

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    Re: Domain user account with no password

    A user account describes the events that a client can do in Windows. It can be done on the stand also or the computer in work group. And one thing is that user establishes privileges to other user. And the domain can’t have the privileges which the admin generally has. Now what I want you to do here is that try and have the admin access and then you can get the password of the domain which you have register.

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