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Thread: Server 2003 users get access denied on server 2008 shares

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    Server 2003 users get access denied on server 2008 shares


    I'm domain admin in an enterprise domain structure where we have 7 different, but trusted, domains all in the same forest. I'm having some troubles with access rights, cross domain.

    In our domain, A, we have the domain functional level set to 2008 and all servers, besides 1 is 2008 Standard SP2.

    In domain B, domain funtional level 2003, we have users wanting to access shares on a 2008 server in domain A. They can see the shares but are getting access denied trying to open them.

    I've struggled a bit with an admin in domain B and recently found out that adding his user to our server GP setting "Access this computer from the network" he can suddenly access it like intended.

    They way the users is granted access is simply done by adding them to a universal group in domain B and in domain A I make that group a member to another universal group with NTFS rights to the data in question.

    Problem would be fixed if I could add the domain B universal group to the GP setting, but I can't. The objects you could add to that policy is Users and security principals when fetching stuff from other domains.

    ( Well, actually, it is possible adding groups but it doesn't seem to work. )

    Hope the text makes sense. Hope that someone can enlighten me as well ;)


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    Re: Server 2003 users get access denied on server 2008 shares

    Hellos according to me if you are trying to access server 2008 then you have to check mutually share and NTFS permissions can be functional to a folder that is common. Nevertheless, share permissions and NTFS permissions perform in a different way. Therefore, there are dissimilar processes for investigating permissions troubles if share simply or if a mixture of share and NTFS permissions have been functional. Initially you be supposed to determine what share permissions have been functional. After that, determine which, if some, NTFS permissions have been applied.

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