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Thread: Group Policy for Schedule Task

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    Group Policy for Schedule Task

    We are on a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition and couple of months back I made a policy to disable the task scheduler on the whole domain because our network was attached by virus that is making the tasks via task scheduler. Now, we wanted to enable the task scheduler so I only deleted the policy from the group policy management console but it is not enabled yet? Can anyone tell me how to enable it back? Thanks.

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    Re: Group Policy for Schedule Task

    Windows Server 2008 has the latest Group Policy extension that lets you schedule tasks on the way to be position all the way through a Group Policy Object (GPO). In the case of disk defragmentation, you are able to configure a GPO to sprint a defragmentation task. We have a selection to borrow scripts starting the built-in task, normally the% windir% \ system32 \ defrag.exe through the - C. You are able to set up scheduled tasks all the way through GPO within Computer Configuration | Settings | Control Panel Settings | Scheduled Tasks section of the Group Policy editor. Once the scheduled task is done through the GPO, it is in a different area of the Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) snap off the built-in installation task by default. GPO tasks appear above the Microsoft folder in the root folder of the Task Scheduler Library.

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    Re: Group Policy for Schedule Task

    To create a new Scheduled Task preference item

    1. Open the Group Policy Management Console . Right-click the Group Policy object (GPO) that should contain the new preference item, and then click Edit .
    2. In the console tree under Computer Configuration or User Configuration , expand the Preferences folder, and then expand the Control Panel Settings folder.
    3. Right-click the Scheduled Tasks node, point to New , and select Scheduled Task .
    4. In the New Scheduled Task Properties dialog box, select an Action for Group Policy to perform. (For more information, see "Actions" in this topic.)
    5. On the Task tab, enter task settings for Group Policy to configure or remove. (For more information, see "Task settings" in this topic.)

    For more information visit this website -

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    Re: Group Policy for Schedule Task

    If the normal users are not able to create the scheduled tasks then you can also give them access via GPO on userconfiguration\preferrences\folders and then can also add c:\windows\tasks. But note that the task should be made in the computer configuration side. After that simply do a gpudate /force on your Windows operating system clients and then it will start to work.

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