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Thread: Trust problem: DNS name resolution works, nltest /dsgetdc fails

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    Trust problem: DNS name resolution works, nltest /dsgetdc fails

    I am working on AD list on Windows Server 2003. I am working on Forest level here. There is one more Active Directory available on different server. It is Windows Server 2008 R2. Both servers are located at different location and the connectivity between them is not at all limited. Almost all traffic coming is forwarded to the remote location. Now I need some help here to establish trust between bot the Active Directory. For that you will need to configure conditional forwarders in both AD-DNS. Now here I had done everything. But somehow it looks there is a issue. When I try to verify the same from second server things fail here.

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    Re: Trust problem: DNS name resolution works, nltest /dsgetdc fails

    Try to choose Domain Trust here. Or you can also try Forest Trust. Here you have to configure DNS resolution among both the side. The conditional forwarding you did is a one way thing. You have to select the same from both sides. Before that just confirm that there should be only one domain or other which must have single label name. If there are more DCs or RRAS installed them there can be a issue. Also once just verify the firewall rules and then check back.

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    What did you select from Domain Trust or Forest Trust. You must choose a single thing and then check the configuration. For DNS Resolution you have to work on conditional forwarding setup. Just want to ask where you set the conditional forwarder. Did you set the same on each DC/DNS.

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