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Thread: Maximum password age question

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    Maximum password age question

    Group Policy question:

    We currently have maximum password age set to 90 days and plan to modify the setting to 45 days. My question is, what happens to users who have passwords that are older than 45 days? Are they automatically locked out or will they be prompted to change their password? I've searched various forums but didn't find an answer.

    Thanks in advance for you help!
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    Re: Maximum password age question

    Each account has a password age "mark time." Age has nothing to do with politics. So yes, if the application of 90 days from today, all accounts that have not changed your password during the past 90 days have to change their password during the next session login. To control the execution, which can temporarily set up the accounts of "password expires" and then uncheck that attribute in a controlled manner. With this attribute, when set today, with this configuration users are not prompted to change your password. You can then set a schedule like. "This week, I'll turn off the attribute of employees who have a surname that starts with AJ." You can then let them know what to expect. I would like the decision based on how many users need to worry. But to answer your question, the policy sets a counter in the accounts.

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