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Thread: How can i restrict user?

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    How can i restrict user?

    Hi everyone,

    I have question about Windows 2003 Server.We have 2003 Enterprise server + one Software.We need to create a user who can only use a software.This user shouldn't have access to other parts of Server.By this meen: start menu,my computer , my documents,write to disk , change something and etc.I just want to give permission for executing a single software.

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: How can i restrict user?

    In Windows Explorer, select a folder, click it and select Properties. Click the Security tab. This is where you change the permissions for folders and files. What you probably want to do is select the root of your ftp server and just give the administrators group and control entire user system (I guess that FTP users are not members of the administrators). Then, for each folder just give FTP users permissions for individual users folders (with the group of administrators and user accounts and system).

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