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Thread: How to set "User Cannot Change Password" either via .NET or ADSI

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    How to set "User Cannot Change Password" either via .NET or ADSI

    I need to be able to set the "User Cannot Change Password" for AD users which I create from a Python script, but I'm not quite sure how to do this. If someone could please post a working example of how to do this either via the .NET DirectoryServices (preferably in C#) or the ADSI interfaces, I'd be very grateful!

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    Re: How to set "User Cannot Change Password" either via .NET or ADSI

    Hey i am not a programmer but still i have found something for you and i hope that it will help you to solve your issue. But keep on thing in mind that this program will just help you to create your own so make changes possible and try it out but be careful and consult a concerned or official person regarding the program.

    $User = $(throw ‘$User is Required’,[switch]$CheckBox)
    $Searcher = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher([ADSI]"","(&(objectcategory=User)(sAMAccountName=$user))")
    $MyUser = $Searcher.FindOne().GetDirectoryEntry()
    if(!$?){" !! Failed to Get User !!";Return}
        Write-Host " – Checking Box for User [$($MyUser.distinguishedName)]"
        $self = [System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier]‘S-1-5-10′
        $ExtendedRight = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectoryRights]::ExtendedRight
        $deny = [System.Security.AccessControl.AccessControlType]::Deny
        $selfDeny = new-object System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectoryAccessRule($self,$ExtendedRight,$deny,‘ab721a53-1e2f-11d0-9819-00aa0040529b’)
        Write-Host " – Removing Check Box for User [$($MyUser.distinguishedName)]"
        $ACL = $MyUser.psbase.get_ObjectSecurity().GetAccessRules($true,$false, [System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])
        $ACEs = $ACL | ?{($_.ObjectType -eq ‘ab721a53-1e2f-11d0-9819-00aa0040529b’) -and ($_.AccessControlType -eq ‘Deny’)}
        foreach($ACE in $ACEs){if($ACE){[void]$MyUser.psbase.get_ObjectSecurity().RemoveAccessRule($ACE)}}

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