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Thread: Best Practice Active Directory Structure/Design

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    Best Practice Active Directory Structure/Design

    I need some help with configuration of different architecture of AD. I am unable to do the same. There are around 65 different site in our country. I am looking for some best solution that would help me to create a proper structure which is also easy to manage. I want 1 domain for all site. Can anyone help me out here. How can I configure the same. What problem can arise in future on this kind of setup.

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    Re: Best Practice Active Directory Structure/Design

    You can move ahead with single forest setup if you are not really worrying about security here. You can create a separate forest which will be having a single domain in it. And on the same you will configure all the sites. Under each site you can create OU and then use the same with different user and computer account. This is one of the easiest way to delegate administration.

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    I think that make sense. You have to go under security policy requirement and ensure that you keep thing straight. Do not just go for low security policies. That can be risky to some extent. You have to first create a documentation of what you want to actually. I am sure that will be not at all a complicated part. You can go online for more information on the same.

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