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Thread: Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins

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    Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins

    I am on a 2008 native domain setup with Domain-Child1 users and Domain Parent and Domain-Child 2 with servers, applications, services. I have got complete control over all the domains. It has been decided via Policy that all users will reside in Domain-Child1, so what kind of trusts need to be set up, groups setup, members added, etc; so that I can use 1 user account, and be a Domain Admin in both Domain-Child1 and Domain-Child2? Also the policy says user must reside in Domain-Child1 and I should not be an enterprise admin? Thanks.

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    Re: Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins

    I should tell you that by default all domains within a forest have a hierarchical and transitive trust with each other. So, it will not matter where the clients and users reside. If you want to do this for security reasons then this isnt proper, the security boundary is the forest and not the domain, because of this I would suggest that you reconsider and create a single domain within your forest.There is a short explanation on security boundaries that you might want to read from the below link:

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    You can try to make a global group in domain 1 and place the user account (domain admin) within this group. After that create a universal group in domain 2 and place the global group created in domain 1 into the universal group and place the universal group in the domain admin group in domain 2. Also, check in the below link about group scopes and its use:

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    You can try to add the admin from child domain1 to child domain2's local admin group and not the global domain admin group.

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    i don't understand, you answer:

    I have created global group in dom1, and i have added domains admin@dom1 groupe in members of this group. after i create universal group in dom2 but : in this group i can't browse other domain in members, but i can browse other domain in members of but i don't see the global group create before. please can you explain me.

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    Re: Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins

    If you add the group to the Administrators groups on a DC, which has domain administrator permissions on the domain itself, and all developing countries. To obtain the domain administrator permissions on all domain members that need to be added to a group that is a direct member or nested groups of administrators on all workstations and member servers in the domain.

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