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Thread: Recover Windows Server 2003 DC that won't boot but drive can be read

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    Recover Windows Server 2003 DC that won't boot but drive can be read

    We have a Windows Server 2003 domain Controller, which is the only DC in the AD domain, with no backup. It will not boot and give many error messages. I had this previously as well on the same server and I have reinstalled the OS in the same folder before and actually had it recover quite nicely, but this time setup fails to install to the drive. It will not install to a new folder on the drive. So i used the second drive and I was able to install the OS properly and it will also boot. So, if it is able to read the first drive, then is there a way to recover or restore AD that way? It is not restoring from a backup. Can anyone please help.

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    Re: Recover Windows Server 2003 DC that won't boot but drive can be read

    I think that reinstalling into a new folder will create a new instance of the server and promoting it, whether in a new folder or a new drive, will not bring back your user accounts. So you are trying to say that you are trying to reinstall it or either run an upgrade on the original installation folder (not a new installation), is giving errors? What is this error exactly? Was there any kind of drive errors that prompted you to run a chkdsk?

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    Have you checked something about the system hive, if not then follow the below links:

    Also, you should have atleast 2 DC/DNS/GC in the domain to prevent the complete loss of the domain.

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