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Thread: Setting up sites in Sites and Services

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    Setting up sites in Sites and Services

    We are using a Multi Domain Multi Site 2003 forest and having a log of event ids 1865 and 1311. This is administered by many System Admins and all of them have different suggestions on the best way to setup Sites and Services. I came to an opinion that there are 2 ways in which Sites and Services can be setup. We can either create multiple sites place a DC within the site and assign the subnets that belong to that site in Sites and Services. Or we can also create a site but have no local DC located in the site and assign the subnet that belongs to this site to a different connected site. So does anyone know which options to select or any other method? Thanks.

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    Re: Setting up sites in Sites and Services

    The AD sites and services cconfigure always with the physical sites and the belonging subnets, if a DC is there or not. When you move a DC in the subnet then it should also have the proper ip addressing for that subnet. You can check some articles for the event ids that you are getting below:

    Event ID 1865:

    Event ID 1311:

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    Re: Setting up sites in Sites and Services

    It looks to me that there is a networking problem that is causing these events. After you have moved the DCs into their respective Sites, try to run the following:
    ipconfig /registerdns
    net stop netlogon
    net start netlogon

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