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Thread: export users with password from domain

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    export users with password from domain

    i have server with domain 2003 and i need to format it and reinstall new copy of windows 2003 and configer it as adomain so i need to export all users and groups with it's owan password to afile and after formatting i can import it from afile
    i read about csvde and ldifde tool for this case but i need to export all users with password so if can anyone help me which tool i must use and the syntac
    and if there is any artical from microsoft to help me..

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    Re: export users with password from domain

    You can also try to install a replica DC, that will allow it to replicate, install DNS, adjust the DNS settings to it and then demote the old one and rebuild it, promote it, etc. With this way you can still have your passwords, groups, security settings, GPOs, joined machines, user's desktop profiles, user's settings, home folder settings, Exchange and everything else in the domain, that a csvde or ldifde export cannot handle.

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    Re: export users with password from domain

    There is another fix that you can try by installing an extra DC in the domain and make it Global catalog and DNS server. You can have atleast 2 DC's per domain for failover and redundancy reason. Also check the below link for more information.

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