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Thread: Print Management from XP

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    Print Management from XP


    I have a WS03 R2 Print Server, with Print Management mmc snap-in installed and configured for Print Operators. If they log into the WS03 server, they have full print rights and functionality from the Print Management snap-in.

    But we don't want them to log unto the WS03 server. So I have downloaded and installed .NET Framework 2 unto their Windows XP SP2 boxes; then downloaded and installed the R2 Print Management snap-in (pmcmgmt.exe).
    I have also disabled the XP firewall (for testing purposes).

    Now - when that same Print Operator logs into XP, they can start the Print Management snap-in, they can connect to the print server - however on the available printers, they have very limited functionality - these are the only options available:
    • Pause printing
    • Remove from Directory
    • Deploy with Group Policy
    • Delete
    • Rename
    • Help

    They are missing all the other Print management functions - which they have if they log into the WS03 print server.

    Could someone please shed some light on this issue?

    Kind regards

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    Re: Print Management from XP

    You can try to follow the step by steo method for printmanagement from the below link:

    Also, have you selected the D:\ADMIN\PMCMGMT.EXE from the second disk?

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    Re: Print Management from XP


    I have followed that Step-by-step exactly.
    I have tried both the 2nd disk .exe and the Internet download .exe file.

    Results are the same - still cannot view all print capabilities from the XP machine. I reckon it must be something with XP itself - since when I install the Print Management snap-in on another Windows 2003 server, that same user account has got all the Print Operator rights.

    I also have tried reinstalling .net 2 framework, reboots in between - trying to work with a pristine and clean environment...perhaps I am missing some hotfix?

    Any ideas very welcome.

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