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Thread: User must change password next logon

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    User must change password next logon

    I am facing a strange issue with Active Directory. I am want to enforce settings through which each time when user logon he must be prompted to change the password. I am trying to find settings for the same but it looks like not working well. I am using Windows Server 2003. There is a Windows 2008 Server also available on the same network. IT is a protected network and I want user to add a new password on every logon. I enabled some settings but the users are not getting any prompt.

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    Re: User must change password next logon

    That is a good option for security purpose. Because it happens a number of time password is leaked or shared that can allow others to access the office network. You can do that by pwdLastSet attribute. IT controls the logon password policy. I am providing you a link below that has ample of information on your process. This will help you more in getting proper answer.

    Configuring a Password Change at Next Logon Requirement

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    You can do that through gpo settings. I am having a Windows XP network where I had applied the same kind of settings. When the user starts the system at logon screen he is always prompted to change the password. If there is a caching problem, like if the credential are saved then the logon information may not be changed.

    User Must Change Password at Next Logon (LDAP Provider) (Windows)

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