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Thread: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

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    Windows 2008 Limitlogin


    I’m having a Windows 2008 Enterprises Server 64bit. Due to some security reasons I told to limit concurrent user login using limit login. I tried doing it first manually but dint succeeded. I then tried to find out some way from web but none of them worked too. It keeps failing every time.

    SO the first question is it really possible to use limit login on server 2008 64 bit Domain? If yes, second question, How? Please let me know how can I do the same.

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    Re: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

    There are several ways for doing the same. First what you can do is simply limit which computers the user account can logon to. Second, you can limit logon times and third options is where you can limit logons through Group Policy.

    If you decide to go with first two options the note that you will need to configure them on the user object in the Active Directory Users and Computers console. And if you want to go with third option then let me tell you that it can be used to limit logon locally, limit logon through Terminal
    Services, deny logon locally, and deny logon through Terminal Services.

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    Re: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

    Hello Gunthur. I wanted to know if you are talking about any third party shareware program LimitLogon? If yes, then my guess is no because the system hasn't been updated to say it does support it. See this Article for more information on the same:

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    Could I get links to the scripts you are referring to?

    Just curious what you guys figured out? Also looking into a way to limit user logins to a single login... Running Windows Server 2008 DC's.

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    i am also pretty interested in your limit script. I tried to setup "LimitLogon" on Windows 2008 Server which did not worked, so i am searching for an alternative und found your posts.

    It would be very nice if you could send me your Script.

    Having a similar issue. Running 2008 AD with 2003 TS. I want to have three users that can log onto the terminal server three times each concurrently.

    With 2k3 I could use limit logon - what is my best option for w2k8?

    I'm trying to do the same on a Windows 2008 Server Active Directory for a Student Testing lab.

    i´m looking also for a script like this,
    do u mind to send me this script?

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    Re: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

    I, too, would love to have these scripts as I am seeking to mimic Netware's "limit concurrent connections" tickbox in an AD enviroment.

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    Re: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

    The problem is that the script will not run on x64 systems. Here is how I got it to work on both 2003 x64 and 2008 systems

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    Re: Windows 2008 Limitlogin

    dhazar -
    any chance of getting a copy of the modified script you wrote? We really need this capability for a K12 school to limit students logins to a single occurrence. Would very much appreciate your posting back !!

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