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Thread: Name change and length restriction

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    Name change and length restriction

    We are looking to change the format of user names in the AD that we use. Right now, the format is first initial and last name. We want to change to firstname and then lastname now. The problem that we are facing is the ADUC field: User Logon name in pre Windows 2000. It looks to have a length restriction of 20 characters. Can anyone tell us how to change this to allow longer user names? Thanks

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    Re: Name change and length restriction

    If I remember correctly then this limit cannot be changed, since the valude assigned to the rangeUpper attribute of SamAccountName seems to have no significance in this case.

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    Re: Name change and length restriction

    Actually, the limit is imposed by AD. The attribute itself is limited to 256 characters. The other classes of objects, like computers and groups, can have longer names. I do not know how the limit for user objects is imposed, but it is not possible to overcome it anyways.

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    You can also check out the "SAM-Account-Name attribute" for more information from here -

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