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Thread: AD 2003 and GPO on Windows 2008

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    AD 2003 and GPO on Windows 2008

    I am not able to work on Windows 2008 Server. There is a problem with Active Directory configuration. I am trying to configure the settings using GPO but somehow it fails to work. I am having a AD 2003 installed but is not able to find out the domain or forest settings. I am bit confused with various stuff here. Can anyone properly guide me here how can I simply move ahead for configuration of AD on the new server.

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    I think that can be due to version compatibility. Why are you not planing to upgrade Active Directory. You have to use all latest stuff in order to get maximum support and easy configuration. Get a manual from web and explain in detail what you are actually trying to do. Are you saying that you are using AD2003 on the new server. I do not thing that is possible.

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    For that you will need to use Vista. For using new server features you have to upgrade your operating system also. You have to use Vista or else ample of features will be disabled. This is what happen when you simply use a old version tool with new one. I am sure there are option available that can allow you to migrate your settings from old to new. This will make your job more easier.

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