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Thread: Domain controller could not be contacted

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    Domain controller could not be contacted

    In my network, clients are no longer able to join Active Directory DC. I am having a training lab. I started facing issue after I added 5 new pc to the network and they try to add them on the domain. But somehow due to error this stopped working. I found on web that by running netdiag and dcdiag I will be able to collect some errors on the connection. But there is nothing found. So there is no problem with my server configuration.

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    It is weird that you do not find any error. Without that it is not possible to find the problem solution. Go in event viewer and check once again. I am sure there will be some kind of error that can give more help on fixing the issue. Or else simply check your pc connectivity. Ensure that the connection between your pc and server is appropriate.

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    The problem lies with configuration. Try to check that both the systems are working fine. You have to go on web and try to find out the list of error codes and associated problem with them. On that basis it will be easier for you to troubleshoot the problem. I am sure this is not at all a complicated job. I will also recommend you to go in event viewer once again and test out.

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