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Thread: Migration from 2000 domain to 2008 domain

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    Migration from 2000 domain to 2008 domain

    I have got 2000 Domain environment and management are thinking to change the domain into 2008 so can anyone tell me what are the steps to be consider to change the Entire Domain? Thanks.

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    See here for migration to 2008:

    You can not do an inplace upgrade to 2008, prepare the schema with adprep command for 2008 on the 2000 Schema master and you have to add a 2008 server as member server and run dcpromo on it. Then make it DNS server (choose AD integrated zones) Global catalog server and move all 5 FSMO roles to the 2008 DC.

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    hi all.

    I have this scenario : one windows 2000 server with users autentication, terminal server and my domain. the domain is TEONE .( I must keep this domain name )
    I have to migrate this to one brand new server with win2008.
    I haven´t installed it, so I can do anything that´s needed.
    does anyone have a step by step manual or something like this ?
    I want to change the server in one sunday, so the users, when come to work on monday, will not feel the change....

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    You can try to install a new windows member server in your domain and then DCpromo this server to 2008. All users and AD objects should come along. Check the overview of Upgrade process:

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    OK. I plan to shutdown the w2003 server, since it is an old machine ( pentium 3 ). the new one is a core 2 quad xeon. that´s why I sad move. ( I will domote and shutdown it)

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