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Thread: Migration from 2003 DC to 2008 DC

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    Migration from 2003 DC to 2008 DC

    I am using Windows 2003 domain controller and also 2 additional domain controllers. I am looking for a way to migrate it to 2008 domain controller. Can anyone tell me how that can be possible? Thanks.

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    You can start by reading from the below articles:

    You might need to upgrade the domain or the server.

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    I am also migrating our Domain Controller from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. What is the best way to manage roaming profiles during this upgrade? One of our Terminal Servers is running Windows Server 2008 and when our client log into the terminal server a 'Username.V2' folder is created on the network share that houses the roaming profiles. I have been trying to setup folder redirection but it seems like all that does is create a shared folder to store user data on. I need to set this up so that a user can go back and forth between Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 and have the roaming profile loaded in each. Is this possible with folder redirection or is there another better solution that is available. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    If we upgrade user profiles using the tool suggested what happens when users log into a Windows XP machine? I have been trying to get folder redirection to work for awhile but it's not working. I guess my main question is will folder redirection provide a way for a user to save a doc to there desktop on an XP machine, then log into a Windows Server 2008 machine and see the doc and vice versa. Thanks.

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    You can try to use folder redirection through group policy on "My Documents" to get the desired results that you are looking for, check the below link:

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