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Thread: Domain Controller Slow to boot (Applying Computer Settings)

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    Domain Controller Slow to boot (Applying Computer Settings)


    I have 2 Domain Controllers (Windows Server 2008 Enterprise) both are also running DNS (AD integrated).

    When I boot both servers up at the same time (or boot a single server), they stay at "Applying Computer Settings" for about 5 mins. I have read various things mentioning DNS client settings. If I boot 1 AD server, it will hang at this point as well, then I boot the second AD server it boots normally.

    My DNS client settings on each server are:

    Preferred DNS:
    Alternate DNS: (AD02)

    Preferred DNS:
    Alternate DNS: (AD01)

    Is there anything I am missing? Is this normal behavior for 2 domain controllers? This is causing a problem with my 2008 cluster, which the cluster name will not come online, I think this problem is related to the slow booting of DNS/AD.

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    To overcome the trouble you can perform some settings which will guide you more. For that you must first use the server ip only as preferred dns. Avoid using any other stuff. Later on you can simply disable the running services. Stop all those which are not required. Go in Task Schedule and then click on the task. Check out each of them and disable it. Then check back.

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    Re: Domain Controller Slow to boot (Applying Computer Settings)

    Domain Controllers tend to be slow to boot up in the first place compared to standalone or member servers and 5 minutes is NOT uncommon. During the Domain Controller boot process there are two stages indicated by "Applying Network Settings", "Applying Computer Settings", and "Applying User Settings" after a user logs in. If it chokes at the "Applying Network Setttings" stage then it's a DNS problem. Applying Computer or User Settings is when Group Policies get loaded onto the computer and user registry settings respectively. If there are problems reading and applying Group Policies then it may appear to hang for a long time. Both can be related to errors in the server's network settings or it could be missing or incorrect records in the DNS zone itself. Domain Controllers have a special set of Group Policies that are applied by default.

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