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Thread: Converting LastLogonTimestamp to a readable format

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    Converting LastLogonTimestamp to a readable format

    I just recently did a directory attributes dump by using csvde. There is one attributes that I am looking to go for which is the lastlogontimestamp and it is in an interger8 format. Can anyone tell me a way to convert this to a normal readable date format? I do not want to run other scripts against our AD. I want to rather have a script that can run against the export file if there is one. I remember a way by using Excel to conver this to a readable format but I am not able to get this to working now? Anyone could help me from this? Thanks.

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    RE: Converting LastLogonTimestamp to a readable format

    I think that you can try to use w32tm /ntte lastlogontimestamp_value, to read many values from that file, make a for loop and you are good to go on.

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    RE: Converting LastLogonTimestamp to a readable format

    Thanks for the reply, but since I am not developer so I dont even know where to start scripting something like a for loop to read out a file and then write back the converter value. Do you have something like this with you?

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    RE: Converting LastLogonTimestamp to a readable format

    Let's say that you have a text file named logon.txt with the last logon timestamp attribute of the users, similar to the below:
    After that the script would be like below then:
    for /F "tokens=1,* delims= " %%i in (logon.txt)
    do w32tm /ntte %%i

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    There is a VB Script that will list out the last logon and also other attributes for all users at, just search for the select user account attributes. Also, if you can go to joeware website then there is a way to list out this as well by using oldcmp, and above that it also comes for free.

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