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Thread: Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

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    Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

    I had bought a new Creative Zen audio player. It is a 8GB player. I had converted some audio songs into proper mp3 format. But I cannot transfer them in the player. The seller told me that it is a kind of plug and play device. I just need to connect to the usb port and I will be able to see a removable media. Later on I can copy paste the songs in it directly. But when I connect it, the pc does not recognize nor anything comes on the screen. I tried to do that a number of time. I am using Windows XP pro. Any idea how to use this. Thanks.

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    Go in Device Manager. When you connect the device to the system is there any hardware detected. There must something listed as unknown device. You must right click on that and choose to update drivers. I am having a 4GB Creative Zen player which has given me the same kind of issue. After finding the right drivers it started working. Check your package there might some driver disc provided.

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    Getting windows xp sp3 to recognise creative zen mp3 player

    hey everyone. i had the same problem with windows xp not recognising my creative zen 16gb mp3 player. I had windows xp service pack 3 installed, but not windows media player 11 (or 10).

    This is what I did to get it recognised:
    1. Go to start, right click on my computer and click 'manage'
    2. Select device manager on left pane.
    3. Plug in your creative zen mp3 player. If it is unrecognised by windows, it should appear on the right pane under 'other devices' with a question mark.
    4. Double click on creative zen on the right pane and it should open a dialogue box. Click the 'reinstall driver' button, then follow the instructions to 'install the software automatically' in the next box that opens (you may need to be connected to the internet for this step).

    Hopefully this should fix the driver for creative zen and windows xp should be able to recognise the device.:D

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    Indeed it was the MTP device drivers required to recognize the Zen V Plus.
    After they installed automatically,a "Portable Device" shows on the device tree,with the Zen player recognized.

    If you are running Windows XP or higher and trying to install a MP3 Player that you just bought, then you have to install the Microsoft download "Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit" (15 mb installed) at the link or else your PC will never recognize your MTP device. And there is an additional download for Windows XP to install called "Media Transfer Protocol Enhanced Specification" at the link

    I came across this website looking for help in getting the new Zen I just bought to be installed as hardware to work on Windows XP. These downloads for some unkown reasons are not listed at Creative Windows update website or at Microsoft Windows XP website. Yet without them your MP3 players can't be used to download music MP3 files. Go figure. Wikipedia claims that "Support for Media Transfer Protocol in Windows XP requires the installation of Windows Media Player 10 or higher." I don't know if this is true or not, but I simply updated to Windows Media Player 11 at the same time I installed the "Media Tranfer Protocol Porting Kit" and the "Media Transfer Protocol Enhanced Specification".

    Again,I used the steps from post #5 to install the MTP drivers,then intsalled the two links from post #8.
    In the device tree(System/Hardware/DeviceManager)have you tried to expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers branch and then right clicked on USB Root Hubs and updated all those drivers manually?(where you choose the drivers to install from a specific list)

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    I have the same problem: Windows cannot install the Zen (Searches for a driver to an MTP Device with no result). I have SP3 installed and WMP 11. - I have tried all the solutions listed, tried updating WMP and WINXP, tried solutions on creative regarding the USB port. Nothing has worked! Can anyone please help me?

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    i got a solution for your zen. first connect the zen. then right click the my computer icon, then click the manage, then device manager. you will see the zen with a exclamation point. right click it, update driver, but dont forget that the driver cd of your zen should be in the cdrom. then click install automatically on the popup window. this will solve your problem. :)

    I bought a new computer with SP3 already installed. The computer wouldn't recognize the Creative Zen (which had previously worked just fine with my old computer running SP2). I read the posts above and hunted down the installation CD which came with the Zen.

    Here's what I did:

    I put the install CD into the drive.

    My Computer
    Device Manager
    Other Devices
    Double-clicked on "Creative Zen" (which had a question mark after it)
    allowed Windows Update to search

    (Now, I should mention that I *also* allowed the CD to install the clunky software that comes with the Zen which I intend to never use. However, on the off chance that it had something to do with the computer finally reconizing my Zen, I thought I should include that info.)

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    re: Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

    I recently bought a Creative Zen 16gb MP3 player and am having similar problems connecting it to Windows XP. I followed the advice on this thread but without success.

    The device is not being displayed as unrecognised on Device Manager. Instead it is being recognised as a portable device with no question mark. I double click on it and carry out the reinstall procedures detailed above. When the procedure is complete I am getting a message saying the Creative Media Explorer that is compatable with this device is not installed.

    Is there anyway of resolving the problem? Grateful for any suggestions.

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    re: Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

    @ 5aces- dude i have installed the mtp kit.but next what to do??please help me out!!
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    re: Windows XP is not able to recognize the Creative Zen Player

    cbl - u r really cool, ur method worked for me. i've been stuck with this problem for quite sometime. really thankful to u.

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