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Thread: System Hang...problem is HDD or OS.

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    System Hang...problem is HDD or OS.

    I created a new Desktop using Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Processor, Intel MotherBoard, 2GB RAM and used the same older IDE 40GB seagate hard Drive. Installed Windows XP SP2 on the same. There was no problem during the installation but when I booted it went to the desktop and worked fine for about 10 minutes but later got freezed completely. I needed to do hard shut down by holding power button for about 10 seconds.

    On the next and all later restarts, same thing happens. What you guys think, what could be the problem? Except the HDD all other components are new. So is it either HDD or Operating system, right? What should I do to fix it?

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    Re: System Hang...problem is HDD or OS.

    I donít think just a old hard drive could create a problem unless and until it is faulty. And if it would be faulty they you wouldnít have succeeded installing operating system. I think there would be some another problem. Did you apply thermal paste while installing the processor? Also is there any Heatsink/Fan stock with the processor? Iím asking this because I guess the problem could due to overheating.

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    Re: System Hang...problem is HDD or OS.

    what can i do my pc have a hang problem.
    when i start my pc it can run for some time(20-30 min) then it will became hang. even alt+ctrl+del key will not work when it become hang. a person told me to format the pc & load the window again . i does this but still it have same problem.please tell me a solution for this

    my pc confrigration is
    intel p-4 3.0ghz processer
    1.5gb rab
    320gb hard disk
    win xp sp2 also win xp sp3

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    Re: System Hang...problem is HDD or OS.

    Dear I think u can Optimize ur PC ...i also faced dis kinda probs..and used sum optimization softwares like
    Advanced System care,
    Advanced System Optimizer,
    Registry Reg cure,
    Clean my PC,

    Right Now I m using Advanced System Optimizer & my PC is wrkn f9..

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