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Thread: Bluetooth icon missing from control panel

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    Bluetooth icon missing from control panel

    I own a Dell Latitude D610 laptop. The laptop comes with inbuilt bluetooth adapter. Most of the laptop comes with wireless support. I never got chance to use it. My friend has a phone with bluetooth and I want some ringtones from it. So I thought transferring that in laptop will be a better option. I am not able to find the bluetooth icon in my system. It is not available anywhere. I have a key on the laptop which turns on the device. When I look for the bluetootth device on my smartphone it is detected. But in computer there is no indication at all.

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    Just check in Device Manager and see whether you can find the device or not. You must be able to find the same in it. You can re-download the bluetooth software and install it in your system. It will help you to detect the hardware. The bluetooth utility that you will find from the official dell website comes with drivers and the software which manages it. A small blue icon lies on in system tray and a shortcut on the desktop. It is not available because it is not installed.

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    Re: Bluetooth icon missing from control panel

    I know you have a Dell, but I experienced this problem with my hp 9000dv, which has an integrated bluetooth module connected via an internal USB port and my solution (after many frustrating no-solution solutions) was to go to HP and download and reinstall the bluetooth integrated module drivers. this provided an instant fix. Also, could be relevant to some users out there, this problem occurred for me after my motherboard failed and HP installed a new one and wiped the hard drive. at some point in that process, the bluetooth drivers were forgotten or installed incorrectly.

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    Re: Bluetooth icon missing from control panel


    I have an HP Mini Note 2140 with built-in Bluetooth and Windows XP Home SP3. My problem is that I cannot connect my pocket PC to my laptop since I don't have the Bluetooth icon in my system tray. When I check control panel, I also don't have the Bluetooth Devices option which I believe I need to bring back the Bluetooth icon in the system tray. The only option I have in Control Panel is for Bluetooth Configuration. And when I checked Device Manager, Bluetooth Devices is listed and under it is Bluetooth Bus Emulator.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can try re-installing everything in your system. You can try to locate the bluetooth in device manager and then uninstall it completely. Then simply look for new hardware wizard and it will help you to install it one more time. You can find all the related updates from the official Dell website only.

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