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Thread: Plug-N-Play LPT1 port base I/O address

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    Plug-N-Play LPT1 port base I/O address

    I had purchased a new Dell system with Parallel Port. I had found the details of all addon card in the slim pc that I have. The card is like a plug and play device and there is no need of driver I think. After connection when I started the system I found that the card is grayed out and does not respond at all. I had connected a separate machine to the system but somehow it fail to work. I hope there will be some kind of way by which I can fix this thing.

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    Is there any cd you got with the card that you have. If you had got that then try to install that in your system. Also go in the bios and ensure that all settings are configured properly. There can be something in the bios which is blocking the same. You can view the documentation of your system also to collect more information on it.

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