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Thread: How enable network adapter in script?

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    How enable network adapter in script?

    I have a Windows XP Pro SP2 computer. It is on lan. There are some 4 more computers. I am looking for some script or batch file through which I can enable or disable network adapter. I am trying to do that through netsh.exe file. But that is not working. I am getting a fail message on the screen. I am not aware about the actual syntax used in that. Can anyone guide me on this.

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    Got a good article on technet. This is a kind of complete guide that offers you a detailed script and description how to create a script that can enable or disable a lan adapter. Other than this if you find this very complicated then you can search on web for batch file or ready to use script. There will be minor changes that you will need to do and then the script works well.

    How Can I Enable or Disable My Network Adapter

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    Here is a script that can do what you are talking about. You can simply copy paste the script mentioned here and it works well. I had tested this on Windows Server. It is really not complicate to initiate the script. I had configured the same on schedule task. As per the task assigned the network adapter is active for some hours only and then it is disabled automatically.

    Enable Disable Network Adapter

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    Hi there I had the same issue and after lots of screaming I discovered that this command DOESN'T work in WIN XP. You could use a VB script though which is much bulkier that a simple dos cmd.

    By that i meant the NETSH command doesnt work in WIN XP

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