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Thread: XP won't recognise Canon PowerShot A570 IS digital camera

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    XP won't recognise Canon PowerShot A570 IS digital camera

    My Windows XP computer is not able to detect Canon PowerShot A570 camera. As per canon it is a kind of usb device. When you connect it, the internal memory is accessible in the form of usb drive in which you can directly copy paste data. But rightnow XP do not respond when I connect it. I checked in Device Manager also. There is a single device listed as unknown and I am sure it is the camera only. How to make this thing work in XP.

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    Many digital camera comes with plug and play interface. When you connect them the internal storage appears on the screen and then work on a common interface drivers. They are detected as Mass Storage Device. But some camera needs drivers. Your canon might be one of them. There are two things you can do. First get the fresh driver updates from official camera website or second simply run windows update. Going for a fresh drivers update will give you more help here.

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    Try to uninstall that unknown device and then connect the camera. Restart your system and see whether XP find the new hardware or not. The camera that you are talking about works on XP well. I am too having that and when I connect it in My Computer I am able to access the storage to move files. But if you are facing trouble with that then you can simply start using the Canon software. It is available on it is official website.

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    Mass storage device is one of the most common interface used by many devices. But if that fails to work then you need the right drivers. Unknown devices in Device Manager simply means that the system does not has any drivers. There is nothing you can do to install that. The updates can be found on the official website. Try to change the port also.

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    Re: XP won't recognise Canon PowerShot A570 IS digital camera

    I had this exact same problem, with Windows XP SP3, recently updated through Windows Update; a Dell Inspiron; and two Canon Powershot Cameras, an A70 and an A550. I tried a lot of tactics, largely inneffectually: I turned off "Fast User Switching" and restarted, checked the registry for Still Image stuff, tried to install new drivers for the unknown USB device in Device Manager (I thought perhaps I could force it to use ptpusb.inf)... uninstalled the unknown device... reinstalled the software from the camera install CD... uninstalled all the Canon software using its "uninstall" scripts, and reinstalled it from the CD again... all to no avail. I even considered downloading a WIA driver and trying that approach, but in the end I didn't have to. The sequence I tried which seemed to work was, First - In System Properties (the system control panel) -> Hardware -> (Drivers) Driver Signing, I checked the "Ignore" box (to stop requiring Microsoft signed drivers), and also made it the system default

    (Camera was still not recognized).

    Second - Rebooted the computer (for about the 10th time!)

    (Camera was still not recognized).

    Third - tried the install CD, AGAIN. The process of installing the software looked the same as the first time (installing on top of software which was already there) but this time something did happen. Et voila, I could not believe my eyes when turning on the connected camera resulted in a Canon Powershot A70 icon appearing as if my magic in "My Computer". The new drive works fine and I can access my photos.
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