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Thread: Partition Magic 8 cannot find new SATA Drive on Windows XP Pro

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    Partition Magic 8 cannot find new SATA Drive on Windows XP Pro

    I had purchased a new 250GB Sata hard drive. I have not connected the drive to any computer till yet. I am having a Windows XP Pro system. I had installed Partition Magic 8 on it. I thought this would be the best tool to create partitions. I want to create 3 partition in the hard drive. I made the changes and when I restarted the system I found no partition in Windows. There is a error that there is no active partition. I cannot continue further.

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    There is on need to use Partition Magic. You can do that with Disk Management. Just ensure that the drive is detected in bios. Launch Disk Management and then right click on the raw partition and choose the size you want. Then again format it. In this way you can create any number of partition you want. Partition Magic allows you to reduce and increase the size of partition. It is better if you Disk Management.

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    It is due to invalid partitions. There is nothing to worry much. There is one more thing that you can try out. Use a windows bootable disc to create partition. You just need to boot your system with that and then choose the drive and create partitions. When windows start copying file eject the disc and press F3 to reboot your system or else it will install windows in that drive.

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