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Thread: Windows XP This device cannot start. (Code 10) error

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    Re: "Error - The device cannot start (code 10)"

    Iím using Windows XP computer which was working fine until I changed few settings in my BIOS to use AGP adapter as the primary adapter. Since then Iím getting "The Device Cannot Start (Code 10)Ē error. When I was doing the changes one I also got a message from system saying there were not enough resources available for my AGP graphics card but still I did it. Can anyone please give me some advice on this? Many thanks.

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    Me too facing the same problem. Though it is the same error code but with cd writer, this is what i see in my computer

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    Windows XP This device cannot start. (Code 10) error

    I am getting a device cannot start error for DVD RW. I am trying to install the DVD drive. I am getting this error on Windows XP. In Device Manager under device status the drive shows that it is not working. When I try to fix the same I am getting the error and it stopped. I tried to re-install it but still the same issue appear.

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    The device is failed and due to which you are getting that error. It is a hardware failure. If there is a driver issue the drive remains undetected. But if there is a hardware failure it will not start still when you try to run it. You must check in your bios whether the dvd is detected or not. If it is detected you would be able to make it run through uninstalilng the same.

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    This can also be due to incorrect driver. Run chipset driver updates and then check back. It will fix the same. There are chances that if the drive has chances to work it will start or else it is a waste of time. Better purchase a usb dvd drive. It is not so costly you can arrange that and use it for future use also.

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