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Thread: Using Vista audio driver in under Windows XP

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    Using Vista audio driver in under Windows XP

    I have bought a new Toshiba Satellite laptop that came with Windows Vista preinstalled on it. But I am having some kind of project that requires Windows XP and directx 9. So, I thought of setting up as a dual boot system and install any device drivers for Windows XP which I did. After asking Toshiba tech support they told me to use the drivers for the P105-9312 model which, according to them, was having the same hardware thing. But for some drivers I had to download from some other websites. And the Conexant High Definition Audio driver for that model will not install on mine and therefore the XP audio driver for this laptop will not appear to exist. So, I installed the Vista audio driver that came with my laptop and it was succesfully installed under XP and the control panel shows the device is also working correctly. But there is no volume control and no application that can be seen for the audio device. When checked in Windows Media Player, then it says "no audio device installed". So can anyone help me out with this problem? Thanks

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    Re: Using Vista audio driver in under Windows XP

    I have got Toshiba 9312 laptop with me and it is having the Conexant HD Audio for sure. So, I went the other way and upgraded to Vista Ultimate. The driver that I was using before on Windows Xp for Conexant Audio Driver was v3.11.0.51; 08-30-2006; 1.75M. Search for the same on google and you will find it for sure.

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    P105-S9167 Conexant HD audio driver

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