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Thread: Remove item from Safely Remove Hardware using registry?

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    Remove item from Safely Remove Hardware using registry?

    My newly purchased USB CF card reader has got added in items that appear in "Safely Remove Hardware" menu. I don't want it to be listed there and i want to remove it somehow. Some people suggested to remove it from registry but i don't have any idea about that and i want to know how???

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    Re: Remove item from Safely Remove Hardware using registry?

    Devices which are marked as removable are shown in "Safely Remove Hardware" menu. You can check out the device capabilities in registry . It will be in a value
    named 'Capabilities' under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\Vid_058f&Pid_6331\058F091111B (Might differ in your case)

    You just have to take 4 form the value and add 80h. Once you'll save these changes the drive wont appear in Safely Remove Hardware menu again. Try it out and let me know if the suggested trick works out for you, best of luck.

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    Hey it worked i saved the mentioned changes , restarted my system and i don't see USB CF card reader in "Safely Remove Hardware" menu anymore, thanks for your help.

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