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Thread: USB 2.0 Driver Windows XP Pro SiS7001 USB Chipset

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    USB 2.0 Driver Windows XP Pro SiS7001 USB Chipset

    This is Windows XP Home desktop. Whenever Iím connecting any USB devices, including my USB Mouse and Keyboard, it searches for drivers and never get it.I tried searching it windows update but there is nothing related to USB2.0. Neither found it anywhere on Web. As mentioned in the title above, can anyone please tell me where can I can get the USB 2.0 drivers for SiS7001 USB Chipset ? Many thanks.

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    Re: USB 2.0 Driver Windows XP Pro SiS7001 USB Chipset

    You should search the drivers on your Motherboard manufacturerís website. Did you tried there? If not, give it a try. As far as I know SIS7001 may be part of 645DX/962 chipset and Asus P4S533 has very similar chipset so you can also give try out this driver:

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    Re: USB 2.0 Driver Windows XP Pro SiS7001 USB Chipset

    Is your desktop OEM product from any brand like Dell, Hp etc, if yes then you will get the drivers right on their own website. And if its not OEM, then go to your Mobo manufacturer and download the same. As far as Windows Update is concerned, you will not get the drivers there unless you are running Service Pack 2.

    By the way, did you checked Device Manager, is there any yellow mark? If yes, simply right click that device and update driver. Make sure you are connected to Internet.

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