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Thread: I can play but cannot burn DVD on Windows XP

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    I can play but cannot burn DVD on Windows XP

    There is a weird issue on my system. I am using a Windows XP system. Due to some reason the DVD fails to record any thing. It is reading all my CD and DVD. I can play songs and view movies. But due to some reason it is not at all burning anything. I never faced this kind of issue before. I am using Nero to burn disc and this is the first time I am planing to create a mp3 cd in years. What can be the issue.

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    That is a bit strange problem in your system. I will recommend you to re-install the DVD. And check that you are using a RW not ROM. If it is a ROM it will only play files and will not burn anything. It is written on the DVD drive itself. If it is a DVD RW then only you can write anything on the disc. Second thing you can do is go in Device Manager and uninstall the DVD drive. Restart your system and let it get installed. It would be able to work after that.

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    It can be a hardware fault in your system. It is necessary that you must check the cable connectivity. Sometime drivers might work but there is quiet less chances. I will advice you to spent a bit and buy a usb dvd drive. This would be one of the best way to fix the issue.

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    I had changed by DVD drive recently. It was a Phillips DVD-RW. Due to some reason there were glitches in the system. I was having exactly the same issue. It can play the DVD's but cannot burn it. I re-installed the drive from scratched, change the cable and added a fresh driver. It started working. But after few days the same problem appeared. I contacted the manufacturer and ask for replacement as it was under warranty. The replaced drive works very well. So this can be a hardware fault also.

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