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Thread: Windows XP screen constantly flickers after installing Intellipoint Software 5.5

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    Windows XP screen constantly flickers after installing Intellipoint Software 5.5

    I am using a Laster Desktop 6000 mouse. I got a CD with that which comes with Intellipoint software. After installing that on XP, the screen starting flickering. There are constant flickering. You might move noticed the same when you refresh the desktop. When I kill the process of Intellipoint from Task Manager then flickering disappears. Without that software I cannot customize the mouse button. Does this is buggy. Is anyone using it on XP.

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    It can be a driver bug also. I will advice you to re-install your video driver and then check again. Also see that on your keyboard the F5 key is not stucked. You can remove the software and then re-install it again with newer editions.

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    Try to install Intellimouse 6.02 in your system. I am using this edition and it works really well. There is no issue at all. If you go with any other edition then the issue lies the same. Flickering is a common cause with driver mess up in the system. You can run Windows Update also to get some fixes for this thing.

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    I am using the 4.0 edition of Intellipoint and this works the best. I am using this from long time on XP and there is no issue at all. I hope there would be some kind of problem with the same. The drivers might be causing the issue with your video driver. You have to locate the most stable edition. Test the 4.0 version first and then see whether the issue is solved or not.

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    I had faced the same kind of issue on my 64bit system. I had downloaded a 32bit edition of Intellipoint and the same issue arrived. I had tried to add and remove it a number of time but still the problem lied the same. At last I verified the edition and came to know that I am using a 32bit edition. I downloaded the 64bit version and things went back to fine. There is no issue at all with the software.

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