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Thread: Access denied when installing video driver.

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    Access denied when installing video driver.

    I am using a portable DELL Dimension 4600C desktop. It has Windows XP Home SP2. I had formatted the system to install XP back. It was working slow. After fresh installation I do not know what happened the resolution is not getting fixed. I cannot modify the resolution at all. It looks this desktop is not ready to accept the vga driver that I am trying to install. I checked for viruses and run other driver updates. Everything worked. The VGA driver is the only that failed. I did a mistake. I had not copied the old drivers. I forget to take the backup. I hope there would be some way to install video driver in the system.

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    Did you checked the official dell website for updated drivers. You can visit the official site where the driver is available. Dell offers free download from all its product. If you are not able to find that then you will need to find your motherboards model number. Through that you will be able to download fresh drivers and it will work well. Run Windows Update once again and then see.

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    Perform Windows update. It is going to help you a lot. Windows update offers you some recent drivers updates. I had got my video driver through that only. It is better if you try to search Dell's official website instead of looking for download on other third party website. The resolution is stucked due to on driver availability.

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    Hi everyone.

    Used solution but would not take "all" had to put "users" in instead. Then had to mess around with permissions to get it to work.

    Driver now installed ok, thanks.

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    Re: Access denied when installing video driver.

    I recommend following steps which you can try.
    1. You have to go for Device Manager from the Control Panel of the computer.
    2. Form Device Manager you have to uninstall generic PnP monitor and display adapter.
    3. Now you should manually download the Video card drivers.
    4. After that click on Personalization and then click on the Display Settings and then go for Advanced settings.
    5. Into Adapter tab you have to click on Properties and choose Driver tab and click on Update Drivers.
    6. Once you have done you should browse for the location where you have downloaded the drivers.
    7. Finally complete the Wizard for competition of the installation.

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