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Thread: Chkdsk runs each time that I start my computer

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    Chkdsk runs each time that I start my computer

    Whenever I start my system I am getting a constant chkdsk error on boot. I am using Windows XP. I have two partitions only and both are NTFS. There is a problem with the boot. I cancel that everytime. Somehow there is a problem the drive it looks. Chkdsk on scan does not detect any errors. Is there any other tool through which I can check and figure out what is the exact cause.

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    It might have schedule or there is issue with your system. If there are bad sectors in your system then this of issues are common. Also chkdsk appear when your system is not shutdown properly. There are number of different disk checker software that offers you a more comprehensive report on system scan. Run msconfig and check all the options which are configured on the startup.

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    I had performed a repair setup and it fixed the issue. The problem lies with the system itself. After a fresh repair setup there was nothing found. It is a bit irritating on everyboot it consumes a set of your time to boot normally. Windows XP offers a repair option by which you can fix the bootup issues if any.

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    It will be stopped automatically when it finds no issue with system boot. You can simply run fixboot to fix all startup issue. Repair is a nice option but there are chances that your existing application might be affected.

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