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Thread: Audio Hardware not found?

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    Audio Hardware not found?

    I am getting some kind of an error message that says that "Windows Movie Maker cannot be used because the required audio hardware cannot be found on your computer." This software was working fine for many months and I have never got this issue prior to now. I want to this thing to be working because I have got some important project that I want to do, so can anyone please help me to solve this problem?

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    Re: Audio Hardware not found?

    There seems to be some problem with the sound card that you have got on your computer hardware. So, you may need to install the latest audio driver in your pc, in order to get rid of the error message. For that you can download a tool called Everest Home Edition that can find the drivers that are not yet installed in your system. The software is even better than a simple identification, it will provide the address to Internet sites providing access to these drivers. Everest is not limited only to the assessment of the property, it also reflects the status of programs installed in your system. In other words, the software tests the performance of the following programs: ODBC, DirectX and network drivers.

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    Re: Audio Hardware not found?

    I realise this thread may be all but dead, but I just spent several hours searching for an answer to this same error message, with all audio drivers up to date and working then in an attempt to solve an unrelated issue realised that the 'Windows Audio' service had been disabled, by opening msconfig and ensuring that the service is set to run on startup and rebooting (or starting the service from services.msc) solved the issue.

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