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Thread: "The printer queue is full" after SP2-installation

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    "The printer queue is full" after SP2-installation

    We recently upgraded all our office XP PCs and Laptops to Service Pack 2. And since then whenever we are trying to print anything from any laptop or computer, we get an error message saying “Error 61: The printer queue is full.” Even restarting the Spooler Service helps for few times, not always. The error goes away automatically after few hours and then we can print without any problem.

    Is it due to Service Pack 2? How it can be fixed? Please help.

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    Re: "The printer queue is full" after SP2-installation

    Did you or anyone else out there find a solution to this problem?


    Marcus Muller wrote:

    after successfully installing the SP2 (WinXP) on our workstations and
    notebooks we always get the error 61 ("the printer queue is full").
    After some hours the problem disappears and the users can print without
    any further problems. Restarting the spooler service helps only in some

    I think this is a strange problem, by searching in this and other
    groups an on the web I found some similar problems, but nothing that
    resulted in the mentioned error.

    Can You help me? Is there a possibility to install the SP2 without
    causing this or to avoid this in any other way?


    By the way:
    Printers: Kyocera Mita FS 1010, 1000+, 1550/1550A, 680, HP 1220C and so
    used Port: TCP/IP-Standard Printer Port

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    Re: "The printer queue is full" after SP2-installation

    Just try uninstalling the drivers, download most recent driver for your printer model and install. See if the problem still persists.

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    Re: "The printer queue is full" after SP2-installation

    Listen, I don't need all the smart, condescending remarks. If you have useful information, I appreciate it. If not, move on to the next post. This is not a printer problem. This is an SP2 upgrade issue. All relevant info is greatly appreciate.


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    XP and Printer Queue full

    I have just set up a Fujitsi Siemens Dual Core machine using XP media edition SP2 build 2600. It refused to allow either a local or a network printer to print a test page. Error was 'Print Queue Full'.

    A solution seems to be to restart the print spooler from the Administrative Tools menu -> Services _> right click and select 'restart'

    Local and remote printer now both work.

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