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Thread: Ftp Connect Unknown Error Number of Windows XP

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    Ftp Connect Unknown Error Number of Windows XP

    I am having an FTP problem. I cannot access an ftp site. In a browser (IE) normally comes through FAR too easily. The client PC under XP, the firewall is turned off.. No matter what site it is. I have tried connecting using command line but the error i get is > ftp : connect :unknown error number . I am using windows XP , internet explorer 6, with all the latest updates. I have tried using many different FTp client software but i still cannot connect, Are there any configurations i am missing. Even a little bit of help will help me.

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    Re: Ftp Connect Unknown Error Number of Windows XP

    If this is XP Pro, it comes with IIS, which has an FTP server. See the Control Panel and check settings. I got rid of the symptoms you describe by enabling "passive FTP" for compatibility with firewalls.You'll find the setting in IE's Tools,Options - advanced-tab.(I use the browser for FTP-tasks - so folder-view is set accordingly).

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    Re: Ftp Connect Unknown Error Number of Windows XP

    I have exactly the same problem, in command line ftp returns ftp: connect: unknown error number. This is strange because it worked before but stopped working though no changes had been made. It would be grate if someone could find the solution for this. To turn it into FTP server. You have a thing to do. You get into the setup menu of the Freebox HD. Parade by the tabs to the right and you will find a tab FTP server.

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