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Thread: Device Driver Installation Wizard

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    Device Driver Installation Wizard

    I have installed a new hard drive in my laptop running windows xp but Every time i log in a Device Driver Installation Wizard pops saying the installation was completed successfully. I don't see any information related to any driver and that's the reason i am not able to make out if there is any missing or corrupted driver. Has anyone faced such kind of issue or has any idea about it???

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    Re: Device Driver Installation Wizard

    To install a device that Windows 7 can not identify and install automatically, use the Add New Hardware Wizard. Open the Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager. In the Device Manager window, right-click on the name of your computer and on the shortcut menu, click Install the old device. Another way to run the Add New Hardware Wizard - Open Start, enter a search string hdwwiz and press Enter.

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