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Thread: How to lower laptop display brightness

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    How to lower laptop display brightness

    I have a bit old Satellite A45 laptop running with Windows XP SP2. The keys assigned in this for brightness are Fn +F6 to lower down and Fn + F7 to increase but when am pressing them nothing happens. I need to decrease the brightness as it is very high.

    Any idea what could be the problem? Are the keys faulty being an old laptop or is there any problem with the operating system itself? Or many be I’m pressing wrong keys. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to lower laptop display brightness

    As you said the laptop is very old, obviously it requires driver updates or any recent patches. Just vist Toshiba’s official website or simply click here Go to downloads, enter your model number and download all drivers and patches you find. Install them and it should work.

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    Re: How to lower laptop display brightness

    I have read somewhere that there use to be some Toshiba application that enables the keyboard shortcuts. I guess your XP is missing the same. You should try contacting Toshiba for this. Also, do you have contrast keys on your laptop? If yes, are they working fine?

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    Re: How to lower laptop display brightness

    Most probably your system is missing appropriate Control Panel applications from Toshiba so there's no way to make the keys work. The best you can do is update all drivers from Toshiba’s website and if still it wont work, yiou need to get it serviced. Take it to service center and get it done.

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