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Thread: Power Options to turn off monitor after 5 minutes

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    Power Options to turn off monitor after 5 minutes

    I have a Windows XP system. I bought a new 24" monitor. I am looking for some option by which I can turn off the monitor when it is not used for 5 minutes. I checked all the settings but not able to find anything related to that. I work on some video editing project. So ample of time I get busy on phone and the system is left turned on. I do not want anyone to touch my system and spoil what I am doing.

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    There are settings in power option. You just need to right click on your computer and then choose properties. There you can find a power settings where you can set the idle time to turn off monitor. You can set that to 5 minutes or even more than that. And if you are still not able to find that then go in Control Panel and look for Performance and Maintenance. There is a Properties box there where you can put the system on standby when not in used.

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    Here is a link that offer you more detail on what you are looking for. You can use APM in Windows XP to configure the monitor and other hardware as per your need. The power settings is enough capable of putting the monitor on sleep when not in used. You can use some tools that work automatically to shut down your computer.

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    re: Power Options to turn off monitor after 5 minutes

    As for me, I am successful turning off my monitor during playing audio via Media Player by Click 'Tools' 'Options'. Importantly, do not forget to click 'Allow screen saver during playback'. Hopefully, you can apply to yours by getting back to your players such as PowerDVD, etc.

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