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Thread: Connect HP Pavilion dv6000 Laptop to TV.

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    Connect HP Pavilion dv6000 Laptop to TV.

    I need some help to connect my TV to laptop. The laptop that I am using is HP DV6000. I have a 42" LCD TV. I am using Windows XP and I had recently added Media Center edition. I had ordered a SVGA cable. After connecting the same to TV VGA input the laptop can detect display but I cannot see anything on the screen. I had also attached proper audio ports to the TV inputs. In Display Properties there are display shown but there is nothing active on TV.

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    I am too having a similar kind of setup. I amusing a Compaq laptop. I had bought a Widescreen LCD TV and I got some set of cables with that to hook it on a laptop. You have to find the right cables to get the display on your screen. Second important this is right display drivers to render that amount of resolution. I am having a graphic card on my laptop and due to which it looks to be working fine. Update your drivers and check back.

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    Do you have a hdmi port on your laptop. This is one of the most common standard that you can use to hook the TV on the laptop. I am using a default HDMI cable that came with my laptop and it really works well. There are some standard issue with the system. If you are not getting the right cable setup then it might not work well. I am using a external TV Tuner card. I am having a desktop so the connectivity is much more easier. While compared to that hooking it on the laptop can cause connectivity failure.

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    I am facing the same kind of issue with HD camcorder. I had some set of cables. There are also standards available in cables and if that does not meet the standard then it can cause failure. Also just remove the cable and attach it back again. There is a small TV box. It is a device that offers you a direct connectivity with TV and laptop. Some of them also comes with remote. You can buy that. It also regulates proper screen resolution.

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